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The Future Role of Corporate Culture

20 August 2020

Susie Crowder, Director of Human Capital Advisory is joined by Richard Sheldon, Group Partner from Appleby Global and Rachel Masterton, Deputy Data Protection Commissioner from ODPA.

Here they discuss:

  • What does corporate culture look like in a post COVID-19 world?
  • With many working more flexibly, what are the regulatory and other risks attached that organisations should be mindful of?
  • How do you think organisations should adapt their remote working policies and training to prepare employees for the future of work (from a data protection / compliance perspective)?

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Work, life and play in a post COVID-19 world

23 July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been successfully drawn to end, at least for the moment, across the Bailiwick of Guernsey.  Whilst some sectors continue to feel the economic pain of the government imposed lockdown, others are enjoying a buoyant return to the new normal.

Following the success of our Grant Thornton TV and Podcast series, we are delighted to invite you to watch the next episode of our webinar series due to take place on 23rd July 2020. This month, we are delighted to welcome Elaine Gray, Partner at Carey Olsen and President of The Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, Paul Whitfield, CEO of the States of Guernsey, Laura Cornelius , HR Manager of the TISE and Susie Crowder, Human Capital Advisory Director for Grant Thornton.

Together, they will explore how we live, work and play has changed, and why, with a focus on the revised future of working practices, corporate culture in a remote working environment, key reflections on wellbeing and a shifting seesaw of work/life balance in a modern world.

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Wellbeing in the COVID-19 Era

Covid-19 brings many challenges to work and life balance. Research shows our wellbeing is being affected. In this webinar Susie Crowder, Director of Human Capital, discusses the importance of wellbeing, as well as the opportunities available for businesses and individuals.

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Cashflow Management and Government initiatives in the COVID-19 crisis

As our commitment to local business, we have developed a Framework: The Resilience Wheel, designed to help businesses navigate these choppy waters. We also feel that now, more than ever, a business’s understanding of its future cash flow is imperative. With the new support schemes being opened by the States of Guernsey, they, and the banking community, will require cash flow forecasting in a pre and post COVID-19 world.

Discussing this is Kirsty Warner, Director of Business Advisory, Grant Thornton and Carrie Ng Head of Commercial Banking, HSBC Guernsey.

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Winning in a recession

It looks like a major recession is now inevitable, but more immediately the type of measures being taken by governments in response to COVID-19, as well as the consequences of COVID- 19 itself, are going to lead to certain businesses suffering immediate and major distress.

At Grant Thornton we have developed a Framework: The Resilience Wheel, designed to help businesses navigate these choppy waters.

The hosts are our Business Advisory specialists Jamie Toynton, Ben Rhodes and Susie Crowder who will take you through this ground breaking framework.

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How to Market in a Downturn

This webinar explores how the role of marketing in an era of disruption has confirmed its position as a vital tool for business leaders. Clients' expectations remain high, even during a pandemic. Ensuring you and your business have the people, skills and suite of marketing tools is vital to staying ahead. Given the rapid pace of change, agility and constant measurement of multi-faceted value creation being generated from all marketing activity is vital.

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Potential impact of the UK Tax review

28 June 2020

As the Government look to rebuild the economy by stimulating growth and generating additional revenue in order to counteract the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. What are the implications for offshore jurisdictions?

Neil Hoolahan, Tax Director at Grant Thornton, shares insight on the latest Grant Thornton Podcast on the potential tax implications from the pandemic and how this may be reflected in the Autumn Budget.

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Women in the Workplace and the effects of Lockdown on their Wellbeing

25 June 2020

At Grant Thornton we continuously research and survey what is happening in the workplace. Our latest programme included asking over 800 women at work what life was like for them during lockdown and how it has affected them. Listen to the Grant Thornton Channel Islands Podcast, where our guests; Elaine Gray Partner - Carey Olsen and President of the Guernsey Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Carnegie President of the Jersey Chamber of Commerce, Carly Parrott Director - Opus Private and Grant Thornton’s Human Capital Advisory Director Susie Crowder discuss the survey results.

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How can businesses ensure the well-being of their staff during this recessionary period?

18 June 2020

It is Well-being Week and in the latest Grant Thornton Channel Island Podcast Susie Crowder, Director of Human Capital, highlights some of the issues businesses may need to address, post lock down and in the new normal world.

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Feedback from our latest survey into the business environment in Guernsey

Listen to our first in a series of bite size news podcasts relating to matters effecting the Channel Islands business world.

4 June 2020

In this podcast Susie Crowder, Director of Human Capital, discusses the results of the Channel Islands Business Impact Survey.

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