For companies challenged by under-performance we work with management teams, shareholders, lenders and other stakeholders to implement financial restructuring solutions creating a stable platform for business turnaround.

Today's financial restructurings require considerable project management capabilities to deal with multiple stakeholders, such as directors, shareholders, creditors, pension scheme trustees, landlords, employees and other involved parties.

Complex structured financing arrangements, securitisations and Shari'ah compliant structures also present fresh challenges to today's restructurings.

Employing a multi-disciplinary approach, we are well accustomed to evaluating complex, £billion+, multi-jurisdictional and highly leveraged situations in time critical situations.

We have a significant track record of successful financial restructurings having acted for parties at all levels of the capital structure, including Shareholders, Senior Lenders, Mezzanine and 2nd Lien, Bondholders, PIK Note Holders, Security Trustees and Special Servicers.

Our experience allows us to rapidly assimilate and assess the interests of all in-the-money parties to synthesise pragmatic and achievable options.

Our services, include:

  • Stablisation and crisis management
  • Establishing cash needs and controls
  • Developing restructuring proposals
  • Implementing balance sheet reconstructions
  • Inter-creditor negotiations
  • Negotiations with pension trustees and pension regulators
  • Working with credit rating agencies regarding successor instruments
  • Valuations
  • Statutory enforcement

Through our membership of the Grant Thornton International organisation, we can access the capabilities of 50 member firms authorised to undertake specialist recovery and reorganisation assignments. These firms, each bringing a proven track record of corporate recovery and financial restructuring relevant to their specific jurisdiction, allowing us to rapidly apply real expertise to virtually any situation globally.

Independent Business Reviews and Strategic Performance Reviews

Is the company viable now or in the future? It's a basic question that any stakeholder will want to know.

An independent review will result in a report that provides findings, conclusions and recommendations. Such a review could be valuable if a business:

  • regularly exceeds its bank facility limits
  • has difficulty raising cash to pay employees on time and has exhausted all immediate sources of funding
  • is exceeding credit terms with suppliers
  • is incurring significant and regular trading losses
  • is not producing accounting and trading information for key stakeholders on a frequent and regular basis.

Through the provision of independent analysis and expert insight, we can help rebuild trust between a business and its stakeholders.