Grant Thornton Regulatory Consulting team provides tailored commercially focused services to our clients to help them navigate the increasing complex financial services regulatory landscape. We deliver practical, solution orientated advice and support to financial services businesses, whether large or small, taking the time to understand each business’ unique challenges and goals. Our team offers in-depth knowledge and technical capability to provide clarity and guidance to our clients, helping them respond to whatever challenges arise.

Set up and Licensing

Advice, assistance and support for all aspects of licensing applications as well as applications for Fund authorisations or registrations from initial contact to completion of applications and addressing concerns raised including:

  • Assisting with initial approaches to, and further discussions with, the regulator
  • Addressing concerns or queries raised during the application process
  • Preparing and reviewing business risk assessments
  • Drafting and reviewing policies, procedures and controls
  • Reviewing systems for compliance with regulatory requirements

Day-to-Day Business

Strategic assistance, advice and support for day-to-day compliance and regulatory issues which can include:

  • Performing the independent audit function for AML/CFT/CPT and compliance
  • Providing tailored training on all aspects of financial services regulatory requirements
  • Preparation for regulatory visits, engagements, reviews or inspections
  • Undertaking reviews or inspections or providing reports on behalf of licensees, applicants for licences, the Regulator and third parties (for example purchases of a licensee) in relation to regulatory issues including:
    • Corporate governance
    • Compliance functions
    • Compliance monitoring programmes
    • AML/CFT/ CPT policies, procedures and controls
    • Risk management framework
  • Assistance with completing regulatory returns and submissions
  • Support and guidance on fostering a cooperative relationship with the regulator

Mitigation, Remediation and Enhanced Engagement

Advise, support and assistance with all areas of mitigation, remediation and enhanced engagement with the regulator including:

  • Creating, supporting and delivering sustainable action plans for Risk Mitigation Programmes.
  • Inspections and Investigations
  • Periodic and ad hoc reviews of client due diligence and risk assessments
  • Compliance and remediation monitoring, testing and reporting