Strategic performance reviews analyse the key drivers of performance improvement.

Our specialists utilise a framework to evaluate financial and operational options and to identify solutions for businesses and their stakeholders.

We have a successful track record of working with management bringing practical commercial advice to challenging situations.

Interim Turnaround Executives

Management teams face considerable challenges in the current financial turmoil, many directors having little or no experience of similar economic conditions. In such cases to augment existing capabilities, board-members, banks and shareholders often seek to appoint an independent specialist who can step into executive or advisory roles in the business, such as chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, Chief Restructuring Officers (CRO) or as a non-executive directors or coach/mentor.

Where businesses are facing under-performance or require an individual to effect change within their organisation, we offer access to a network of independent Interim Turnaround Executives, through our ITEx Panel.

Our ITEx Panel consists of individuals who have particular experience in improving the performance of struggling, stressed and troubled businesses. Typically operating at board level, they take assignments for period ranging from a few weeks up to a year or so. The ITEx panel members are located across the UK and each bring a proven track record and specific sector expertise.