Redundant corporate entities can over complicate group structures and waste thousands of pounds in unnecessary costs each year. 46% of the c.15,500 companies controlled by the FTSE100 are dormant and it is estimated that the average cost of administering dormant companies is between £3,500 and £5,000 per company, per year. 

Our Corporate Simplification Group is highly skilled in the execution of solvent reorganisations and liquidation schemes and will provide an independent and authoritative opinion wherever necessary. Our dedicated team of specialists will apply a risk-based evaluation of your business operations, identifying and addressing areas where transparency and efficiency could be improved and unnecessary costs avoided.

A solvent liquidation may be advised to:

  • Save money
  • Streamline the corporate groups to improve transparency
  • Improve the overall tax efficiency of a group
  • Remove unnecessary entities from the balance sheets or 'house keeping'
  • Implement due diligence recommendations
  • Prepare for a sale of part/all of the business

How we can support you

  • Pre-liquidation reviews
  • Solvent liquidations
  • Section 110 de-mergers and reorganisations
  • International assignments
  • Project management of group simplification schemes