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Corporate Governance Advisory

Corporate failures continue to put the spotlight on corporate governance.

As shareholders and stakeholders - including customers, employees, suppliers, banks and regulators - demand more board oversight, companies face increasing pressure to comply with corporate governance codes and best practices.

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Cyril Swale

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Our approach to corporate governance is pragmatic:

  • We begin with understanding your business, your industry and your specific governance and compliance needs.
  • We help you develop and strengthen governance structures and practices that address shareholder and stakeholder expectations.
  • And we do so within the boundaries of operational and commercial acceptability.

Our Corporate Governance advisory services:

  • Corporate governance design
  • Assessment of compliance to relevant governance codes and best practices
  • Board and Audit Committee effectiveness

The benefits to your organisation:

  • Your Board will have a clearer understanding of how well it is performing and what opportunities may exist for improvement
  • Governance structures should meet both external requirements and your business needs