For your organisation to succeed, your board will need to successfully navigate through tough conversations.

If the dynamics in the boardroom aren’t working, it can undermine the effectiveness of the board as a leadership team.

Find the balance in your board’s overall focus as well as the dynamics and you’ll set the tone for your organisation’s culture and be a guiding light for your people, investors and stakeholders.

Ensure your board effectively protects the value they create

We undertake board evaluations to assess your board's effectiveness to meet both present and future needs.

We provide senior management, executive, and board-level coaching. Our high potential assessments and development programmes are focused on supporting succession planning.

Our team provides a fresh perspective on how your board can sustain high performance.

Our solutions include:

  • Independent board effectiveness reviews
  • Secretariat support
  • Executive individual and team coaching
  • Facilitation of retreats and away days
  • Team effectiveness and individual skills diagnostics
  • Stakeholder performance dashboards
  • Board training, regulatory compliance and governance workshops
  • Benchmarking
  • External communications