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Government Bulletin

COVID-19 Government Measures Explained

Initiatives designed to support businesses and the self-employed

The outbreak of COVID-19 is affecting every business in Jersey. Businesses are being forced to adapt their working practices, strategies and model to reduce the impact of the outbreak and ensure they can survive post crisis. Jersey's Government has been working to support businesses and the self-employed operating in Jersey with a series of measures and initiatives designed to offer financial support to businesses.

These measures are being updated frequently, but to help you navigate the various updates, we have published a bulletin that offers a summary and explanation of all the support available locally from Jersey's Government and the Banks alike.

It includes the support offered to businesses as well as the various tax measures announced by Revenue Jersey concerning personal income tax obligations, adjustments to your ITIS effective rate, tax arrears, deferment of GST payments, social security contributions and the filing of tax returns.