Diversity snapshot: ethnicity, age and gender

Despite evidence that diversity of thought gives businesses a competitive edge1, many are still struggling to act. Businesses are also under ever-intensifying pressure to reflect the diversity of their markets and communities. So, what is holding back progress?

Businesses that seek to broaden their perspective by bringing a diverse range of voices to the table are more self-aware, more market-aware and more broad-minded. These qualities hold the key to success in a globalised and largely unpredictable world. At a time when digitisation is changing the business landscape fast, inclusive decision-making teams will be better equipped for success if they are drawn from a range of backgrounds and contexts.

Our Women in Business research, now in its 13th year,  provides a powerful benchmark on the participation of women in leadership teams and an understanding of how gender  diverse teams out perform their single-sex peers. We will be publishing our 2018 Women in Business report, on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018.