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EU Substance for Guernsey

As you will know from earlier news, Guernsey has been negotiating this year to formalise just what the EU's requirements for 'substance' need to include.

In addition to the overarching draft law issued last month which the States will debate and we expect to approve on 28th November, draft Regulations setting out much of the detail have also now just been published.

All of this will take effect from 1st January 2019, across each of the three Crown Dependencies in a similar manner, following their commitment made last November to address the EU's concerns by this agreed deadline.

Guernsey Tax Office has added a specific web page including these documents and an explanatory note plus a flowchart (click here to view). The Guernsey Tax Office will also be publishing guidance, again in conjunction with the other CD's, but probably not until nearer the end of this year.