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Cyber Security

The Peculiarities of mergers, acquisitions and de-mergers

Mergers, acquisitions and de-mergers creates various challenges, risks and responsibilities that the organisation can be held accountable for.

Issues can arise in many forms, from staff not understanding the changes being implemented, to being thrown in the default position when integrating systems and security regimes. GDPR and the restrictions set on transferring or destroying personal data, as well as the potential of a security attack, means there must be clear procedures in place.

Knowing whether the changes you are making aren’t inadvertently trampling over your security controls, potentially breaching accreditations such as: ISO 27001 or even Cyber Essentials, can be difficult. Businesses can benefit from giving the whole process that little bit more consideration in order to avoid unnecessary complications. 

So, when it comes to dealing with the security aspects of mergers and de-mergers, do you know what you should consider first, in relation to information security?