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Information Security

Cyber Security Survey Results

The cyber security statistics we see most often tend to relate to data breaches: where targeted attacks or indiscriminate malware have infiltrated IT systems and have made sensitive, confidential data accessible to those who have no right to see it.

Our short survey took a more pragmatic look at how cyber security is handled in the Channel Islands. While the first thing we asked was the fairly inevitable question of whether organisations had experienced a breach in the last year, we were more interested in what the perceived threats are, and what organisations are doing – and plan to do – about them. What do they intend to do in the coming months to protect themselves?

If they have a problem, what do they think the likely cause will be? Are security certifications important, and how many organisations have them? How do they keep up with new threats, and what do they do to keep their staff informed?

In short: we see major security breaches globally, but what are Channel Islands organisations doing to understand the problem and protect themselves against being the next to hit the front page?