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Lease payments

At the commencement of a lease, IFRS 16 requires a lessee to measure the lease liability at the present value of the lease payments that are not paid at that date. This liability includes both fixed payments (including in-substance fixed payments) and variable lease payments that depend on an index or rate, and represents the starting point for the measurement of the related right-of-use asset.

Deciding which payments need to be recognised in the measurement of the liability and how changes in those payments are recognised often involves considerable judgement. Our IFRS 16 - Lease payments article aims to help you with this judgement.

Lease payments used to measure the lease liability at commencement date include the following (to the extent they have not yet been paid):

  • fixed payments – including in-substance fixed payments less any lease incentives receivable
  • variable lease payments that depend on an index or a rate
  • amounts expected to be payable by the lessee under residual value guarantees
  • the exercise price of a purchase option if the lessee is reasonably certain to exercise that option
  • payments of penalties for terminating the lease, if the lease term reflects the lessee exercising an option to terminate the lease.