Tax changes

We all know the UK government announced its intention to extend UK CGT to commercial property and all indirect property interests, and earlier this month we had the proposed details to review.

Recently HMRC issued new regulations as part of MTD for VAT. Then the UK government released another set of draft legislation again following an earlier consultation - public register of beneficial owners for non UK entities that hold UK property - and whilst not 'tax' it will again be something new to affect all UK property owners and their overseas structures. All together a set of quite dramatic changes.

Below you will see a link to download a one page note looking at what you should be thinking about to highlight these various issues.

  • Your structure
  • Rebasing from April 2019
  • Corporation tax principles
  • NRL tax compliance
  • Record keeping.

To help you look forward on how to prepare for the changing UK laws download [ 102 kb ] our factsheet.