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Information Security

Information Security risk is an ongoing concern for organisations.

Challenges are specific to an organisation, but the rate of technology adoption can easily outpace its ability to manage the associated risks. These include risks to intellectual property, customer data and sensitive internal data, including data on senior executives and board members. The inevitability of a breach also demands a clear and practical Information Security incident response plan.

Organisations need a broader, deeper, more dynamic and comprehensive risk management approach. The competitive, technological and regulatory environments demand it, as do customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders.

Most organisations already possess many useful elements of a Information Security risk management program. For example, policies, firewalls, access management tools and third-party due diligence hold a key place in a Information Security risk program.

Linkage with an organisation’s IT strategy also plays an essential role. Regulatory compliance remains as important as ever. Yet a lack of an aligned, integrated and measurable Information Security risk management program renders most Information Security risk initiatives inadequate, inefficient or both.

The recent spate of industry-wide data breaches has resulted in organisations to think differently about risk management.

What you need to do now

Complacency is no longer an option. To safeguard reputation, innovate and grow, organisations need to protect their intellectual property, customer information and other customer information assets by:

  • Assessing the effectiveness of their current systems, controls and processes
  • Evaluating the performance of your business continuity, IT disaster recovery and crisis management arrangements
  • Reviewing vendors’ and other key partners’ security arrangements
  • Establishing long term strategic programmes, designed to maintain and develop the maturity and effectiveness of your Information Security resilience arrangements.

How we can help

By training organisations to prepare and deal with incidents as well providing you with technical support, our experts can assist you with Information Security breaches to limit the damage, establish what went wrong, resolve the situation and then work with you to prevent a reoccurrence.

Our Information Security team offers a comprehensive suite of services and business solution to help you assess and manage any Information Security threat in the following areas: