In today's ever-changing business environment of increasing regulation, market complexity and growing stakeholder expectations, managing risks while providing value has risen in importance.

All organisations – big or small, public or private - have risks that they must manage proactively to support their success.

Risk and profitability are inextricably linked. The key is finding the balance that will allow you to meet your goals. Simply put, risk is anything that can come between you and your business goals - people, economic pressures, technological innovation, regulatory compliance requirements or changing legislation.

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Effective risk management - including governance and standards compliance - requires investment, and should therefore be a source of competitive advantage. At Grant Thornton, we believe your investment in business risk management goes beyond compliance. It leads to tangible business improvements.

Grant Thornton's Business Risk Services team can provide assistance to organisations that are looking to implement or improve their risk management practices and help them to achieve the best balance between minimising risk exposure and optimising profitability. 

Our risk management services:

  • Risk identification facilitation
  • Risk framework design and assessment
  • Reviewing risk responses
  • Risk maturity assessment

The benefits to your organisation:

  • Board oversight of significant risks that may impact achievement of business objectives
  • Common risk language that enables all risks to be considered using a consistent approach
  • Confidence that risk responses are adequate and effective
  • Access to robust, transparent and timely reporting to support business decision making