A different approach to human capital development

In an ever-changing environment, businesses are required to constantly reassess the currency of their human capital. We are experiencing a skills and talent revolution that requires a different approach to human capital development.  Transforming human capital, ensuring alignment of talent with strategic objectives and direction requires a different future fit approach and we are here to help.

Culture as a KPI

Your balance sheet may not have any line items on employee enthusiasm, engagement or entrepreneurship; however, these intangible factors are crucial to performance. We are here to help your business evaluate, measure and manage the crucial ingredient to success - culture.

Moving from good to great performance, cutting costs, or integrating people, processes and culture post a merger or acquisition, are all sources of competitive advantage, but are seldom achieved.  Further still, despite the 25,000 books published on the culture, one in three change programmes fail. At Grant Thornton, we work with organisations to overcome these odds by offering:

  • Organisational culture audits
  • Establishing sustainable KPI’s around culture
  • Pre and post-merger and acquisition alignment Support
  • Employment Brand Positioning
  • Leadership development
  • Board evaluation and development
  • Downsizing or growth support
  • Strategy Development

We work closely with clients to develop robust corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organisation. We provide industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, risk and opportunity, scenario planning, strategic planning and market positioning, and alliance management.

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