"When I first started at Grant Thornton, I was very shy in meetings but as I grew in confidence I was able to contribute more. I now lead both internal and external meetings."

Brady Lesbirel - Business Advisory Assistant Manager

What did you want to be when you were young?

I had many different career dreams when I was growing up. I was very active when I was younger so I was aiming to be a fireman or a personal trainer. At one point I wanted to be a Game Ranger or a Safari Guide but there is not much need for that profession in Guernsey!

What made you choose your current profession?

I never really planned to work in audit as I was growing up. I had planned to go to university in Plymouth but I had a change of heart last minute and decided that I would stay in Guernsey to find employment.

As I grew older I was more in favour of finding an office job and so I sent out my CV to a number of different employers in the finance sector. I was fortunate enough to be offered interviews straight away and this led to a few job offers for me to consider.

Why did you choose to work for Grant Thornton?

I decided to choose Grant Thornton based on a few different things.

Firstly, the Company pay for you to study the ACCA which is an excellent qualification to hold as it is not only highly recognised in Guernsey, but also in a number of different locations abroad. This gives you the opportunity to potentially move abroad later on in your career, if you wish to do so.

Working in audit also gives you the opportunity to experience many of the different sectors available in Guernsey. I have worked on many different clients, including insurance companies, fiduciaries, funds, trusts and even local charities, and this versatility helps to keep the job more exciting.

Finally, I was attracted to Grant Thornton by the size of the firm. Grant Thornton is small enough to develop great relationships with all of the departments but big enough to allow for promotion opportunities.

How has Grant Thornton helped you grow professionally?

Grant Thornton has helped me to develop a number of different skills which are vital when working in an office environment.

I am much more organised than I used to be. This is extremely important when working to numerous tight deadlines and it also allows you to take on additional tasks and responsibilities, without getting overwhelmed, which could increase your promotional opportunities in the future.

I have also grown significantly in confidence. This has helped me when communicating with more senior colleagues and clients. When I first started at Grant Thornton, I was very shy in meetings but as I grew in confidence I was able to contribute more. I now lead both internal and external meetings.

Why do you like working at Grant Thornton?

I really like the diversity of the work within the office. I have worked in different departments within the organisation including our audit team, corporate recovery team and business advisory team in Guernsey and I have also been able to work with the audit and corporate recovery teams in our Jersey office.

I also like the social side of the office. Sports and social events are organised every month, as well as quarterly drinks and of course the Christmas party. Getting to know your colleagues on a personal level really helps to create a better office environment to work in.