"I get the opportunity to meet people from many different and interesting backgrounds as well as travelling between Guernsey and Jersey."

Harry Roberts - R&R Senior Associate

What is your background?

I studied Military History at university with a view to join the British Army. However, after I had injured myself I was left uncertain about what career path to take. My parents both recommended that I looked at finance in the Channel Islands. I initially received an offer to work in Audit at another firm on the island but at the same time I was offered a temporary position at Grant Thornton over summer.

After working in the Recovery & Reorganisation department over the holiday, I was offered a training contract as an Associate.

Why did you choose to work for Grant Thornton?

I was interested in the work I was asked to do during my temporary assignment with the Recovery & Reorganisation department. Whilst challenging, the work was equally rewarding.

Describe your role and what you like about your position?

I am involved in a wide array of engagements, varying in size and responsibility. The engagements I work on range from non-contentious liquidations to contentious liquidations and high-profile cross-border litigation. I am expected to maintain a strong standard of work throughout my duties day-to-day that does not necessarily relate to my studies to qualify as a member of the ICAEW.

However, the engagements I work on allow me to access a breadth of information that I would otherwise be ignorant to. In particular, the legal aspects of the Companies Law across both Jersey and Guernsey.

Due to the array of engagements and the differing circumstances of many of the engagements, I get the opportunity to meet people from many different and interesting backgrounds as well as occasionally travelling both between Guernsey and Jersey as well as to Europe.

I am also encouraged to actively socialise with our clients, and grow my network to a degree that may not be as readily available at other firms. This makes me feel more like an individual than just another employee. This is an area that I thoroughly enjoy, and I believe this is a unique selling point of working for Grant Thornton.

Why do you like working at Grant Thornton?

I am allowed flexibility in terms of secondments at Grant Thornton. This is because there are multiple service lines, which I can work in for a period to gain an appreciation of the day-to-day goings on in each area of accountancy.
The office is also very tightly knit in Jersey and there are usually opportunities to socialise at the weekends with colleagues.

In particular I enjoy being a part of the lead Recovery & Reorganisation firm across the Channel Islands, which gives me access to high level and interesting work.